Bagpipe Music Writer Gold:1.0 Bagpipe Reader:1.0 MIDINoteMappings,(54,56,58,59,61,63,64,66,68,56,58,60,61,63,65,66,68,70,55,57,59,60,62,64,65,67,69) FrequencyMappings,(370,415,466,494,554,622,659,740,831,415,466,523,554,622,699,740,831,932,392,440,494,523,587,659,699,784,880) InstrumentMappings,(71,71,45,33,1000,60,70) GracenoteDurations,(20,40,30,50,100,200,800,1200,250,250,250,500,200) FontSizes,(90,100,75,80,250) TuneFormat,(1,0,M,L,500,500,500,500,P,0,0) TuneTempo,86 "March",(T,L,0,0,Times New Roman,14,400,0,0,18,0,0,0) "Angels We Have Heard On High (Harmonies)",(Y,C,0,0,Times New Roman,14,700,0,0,18,0,0,0) "P/M J. Bryant Condrey",(M,R,0,0,Times New Roman,14,400,0,0,18,0,0,0) "City of Winchester Pipes & Drums 07/22/18",(F,R,0,0,Times New Roman,12,400,0,0,18,0,0,0) & sharpf sharpc C I! E_4 ! gg C_4 dg C_4 eg C_4 E_4 ! dbe E_4 'e D_8 gg C_2 ! dbc C_4 B_4 gg C_4 E_4 ! dbc C_4 'c B_8 strlg LA_2 !t & sharpf sharpc ! gg LA_4 dg LA_4 eg LA_4 C_4 ! gg Cr_8 El_8 Cl_8 Bl_8 strlg LA_2 ! dbc C_4 LG_4 gg LA_4 E_4 ! dbe E_4 'e B_8 gg C_2 !t & sharpf sharpc ! dbe E_2 gg Fr_8 El_8 Dr_8 Cl_8 ! dbd D_2 gg Er_8 Dl_8 Cr_8 Bl_8 ! dbc C_2 gg Dr_8 Cl_8 Br_8 LAl_8 ! dbb B_4 'b E_8 dbe E_2 ! gg LA_4 B_4 gg C_4 D_4 ! dbc C_2 dbb B_2 !t & sharpf sharpc ! dbc C_4 ^tc C_4 ^tc C_4 Dr_8 Cl_8 ! dbb B_4 ^tb B_4 ^tb B_4 Cr_8 Bl_8 ! dbla LA_4 ^tla LA_4 ^tla LA_4 Br_8 LAl_8 ! dbb B_4 'b E_8 dbc C_2 ! gg LA_4 D_4 gg C_4 D_4 ! dbe E_2 dbd D_2 ! dbe E_2 'e !I